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by J.W. Schuller

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The second record for Boulder, CO-based indie folk rocker J.W. Schuller.


released January 7, 2018

Produced, recorded & mixed by Mark Stockert at Underwood Studios, Minneapolis. Additional engineering by Ian Nygaard. Mastered by Tom Garneau, AudioActive.

Joe McKenna: drums
Jeff Robertson: bass, backing vox
Paul Odegaard: trumpet
Mark Stockert: backing vox
Ian Nygaard: backing vox
J.W. Schuller: guitars, vox, bass, percussion, keyboard, marimba, mouth tuba, etc.


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J.W. Schuller Boulder, Colorado

Singer, guitar slinger and purveyor of quirky indie folk rock. Recently emigrated to Boulder from Minneapolis. Known to abuse my Guild acoustic mercilessly but also have a softer side. Currently performing as a duo with my charming, bearded nephew Jens Larsen on drums and backing vocals. Come see us, you hear? Cheers. ... more

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Track Name: Caterpillars
we fell in love when we were young and dumb
and so overthrown
the night was young but we were feeling old
and so overgrown
the birds and bees they brought us to our knees
like some dizzy song
and even though we didn't know the words
we could hum along

we were caterpillars who didn't know
we could be butterflies

the things that mattered aren't the things
that matter to me anymore
I want to grab my stupid younger self
and pin him to the floor
are we living or just making livings
while the money goes?
caught between our shallow tv screens
in our own puppet show

are we constellations adrift in space
looking for shooting stars?

caterpillars who didn't know
we could be butterflies
Track Name: No Mud in Joyville
there'll be no traffic, there'll be no stops
there'll be no robbers, there'll be no cops
no politicians on the make
they'll have your favorite kinds of cake

and there'll be no mud in joyville when we go
yes there'll be no mud in joyville don't you know

there'll be no sickness, there'll be no shame
we'll all get half an hour of fame
there'll be no anger, there'll be no frowns
there'll be no salesmen, there'll be no clowns

woo hoo hoo!

there'll be no addicts, there'll be no drugs
perfect strangers will give us hugs
every dog you ever knew
will talk baseball with you

there'll be no loudmouths, there'll be no lies
there'll be no deer ticks, there'll be no flies
all the armies on parade
will fight to bring you lemonade

woo hoo hoo!

there'll be no bigots, there'll be no hate
all your pictures will turn out great
there'll be no earthquakes, there'll be no floods
the Crips will play chess with the Bloods
Track Name: Poor Little Us
you can write about the magic in the trees
or you can find the chill in an August breeze
be the cure or beautifully describe the disease

you can turn the petty into privilege
you can grab the dynamite or build the bridge
or satisfy your hunger from an empty fridge

but don't bore us
just get to the chorus
and don't sing poor little me
when it's poor little us

you can skip the verse and get right to the hook
or tell us all about the lovers you forsook
or make deep observations from a shallow brook

you can stand on stage and stick it to the Man
you can grab a paycheck with the other hand
or mistake the desert for a beach of sand

you can try to write everything that's wrong
you can turn it into number one hit songs
if you can get the hipsters all to sing along
they go "whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh"

you can be the wilderness or be the voice
you can live your fate just like it was a choice
you can wail away or make a joyful noise

they go "whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh"
they go "woo hoo hoo hoo"
Track Name: God & Everybody
you stood and took your vow
while Cupid took a bow
before God and everybody
now three years came and went
your halo's looking bent
and Cupid's nose is bloody

everybody cares
everybody stares
but nobody is there
when you need them most

this town can make you old
you think January's cold?
just wait until it's April
you wore love on your sleeve
his Adam to your Eve
that turned to Cain and Abel

everybody lies
everybody tries
but nobody can fly
from the webs we weave

the papers came to sign
you scratched on every line
before God and nobody
Track Name: Whisper in the Morning
every morning is a funeral
to bury my head in the sand
read the last rights to my reason
eulogize my broken plans
but I'll be reborn in the evening
shrug the undertaker's gown
get a refund for my casket
but for now, dear, please just keep it down

whisper in the morning time
whisper in the morning darling

if the dawn were late in coming
I wouldn't get up before noon
blare me with alarms and sirens
I'll be sleeping with the moon
you can tell me all you want to
you can talk me up and down
serve an earful with my coffee
but in the morning please just keep it down

whisper in the morning
whisper that you love me
whisper when the morning's round
whisper in the morning
shout it in the evening
when my head no longer pounds

in the cool light of the evening
when the sun's beating is done
and says her goodbye without leaving
shoots the day down with a gun
I'll pour my heart out on the table
I'll shout it all over town
I'll love you 'til I'm old and feeble
but in the morning please just keep it down
Track Name: Uncle Norm & the Ash Tree
on the day I heard you were fading
they came and marked our tree
with a bright green poison ring
where a hole in the ground would soon be
they'll cut it down in the prime of life
just like you'll always be to me
and our street will never be the same

I wish I had the words to capture
all you meant to us
your funny stories, bullshit glories
and the artful way you'd cuss
but all I've got is an empty heart
and a mouthful of clichés
they took the ash and buried you
and our little world
will never be the same
Track Name: Mental Checklist
I've got two lungs in this chest of mine
I've got a heart that's beating down my time
I've got two boots on the ground
and a mind racing after the sound
of the voices calling you and me
in this la la land of the mostly free
I've got a cranium packed with shotgun poems
so watch yourself, don't get too close

oh oh oh oh oh oh

I've got a feeling that my feeling's gone
I've got a voice that's yelling out this song
I've got a ringing in my ears
that's drowning out all the long gone years
I've got two eyes locked on the here and now
and I'm setting free all my sacred cows
I'll let the sun shine on my face
and the wind blow me to some better place

I've got a central nervous system wired
to the things that make me feel less tired
I've got a six-string armed with lovesick prose
so watch yourself, don't get too close

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